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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Webflow?

Webflow is the most flexible no-code web design tool that gives you control over the layout of your site.

Do you offer template customization?

For sure. We’ve designed and developed the templates so we can easily add news sections, pages or custom elements. This service is charged by the hour. Just reach out to us by email to know more.

Do you offer custom design and Webflow development?

Yes. Templates are great but, sometimes, you’re looking for a totally unique digital experience. In that case, just reach us by email and let’s design and develop an incredible website together.

Can I use the templates for my clients?

You can. That’s the best way to make a great website in record time. They will be impressed!

Do you have Figma files for each template?

All the templates start in Figma — so, if you want to buy them, just send us an email. If you purchase the template, we’ll be glad to give you a 50% discount. Just attach the invoice and you’ll receive the discount code.

Can I add my template to the website?

It’s a great way to increase your sales. To add a template to the website, you’ll need to submit it, we’ll review it and, if we consider it a high standard template, you’ll be able to add it. Get in touch to know more about the process and pricing.